Benefits of installing a water storage tank

Benefits of installing a water storage tank

What are the benefits of installing a water storage tank?

The benefits of installing a rainwater tank are many and varied.  They include significant environmental benefits by being more efficient with our most precious resource. Domestic water tanks can help slow the flow of stormwater from our urban environment and reduce subsequent erosion and scouring of our local creeks and rivers. Rainwater tanks can also make an important contribution towards reducing the demand our homes make on our limited water supply.

Listed below are some of the benefits of installing a rain water tank:

Reduced water bills
Freedom from water restrictions to maintain a green, healthy garden
Increase the value of your home. Energy and water efficient homes can attract a higher sales price
Peace of mind with your water security especially in times of water restrictions
Buying Australian made would support our local economy
Some state and local governments offer rebates for the purchase and installation of water tanks.
They can be used to meet mandatory water efficiency targets for your new home or simply improve the water efficiency of your current home.
There are lots of different types of water tanks available to suit most any situation. Rosemark Water Tanks sell the following types of water tanks:

Slimline Water Tanks
Round Water Storage Tanks
Underdeck Rainwater Tanks
Underground Tanks
Water Tank Furniture
If you have any other benefits we’ve missing about installing a rainwater tank please let us know.

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