Thintanks 1000 litre water tank Perth WA


Thintanks 1000 litre water tank Perth WA


Thintanks 1000 litre water tank Perth WA

The innovatively designed 1000 litre slimline rainwater tank for when space and aesthetics are critical

With an overall width of just 260mm, the 1000 litre thintank unit is the thinnest poly slimline water tank available for sale on the market. Compared to the cumbersome and large round barrel design of traditional options, our range has been exclusively created for space saving purposes in restricted areas.

The 1000L poly slimline rainwater tank is excellent for installing in much smaller areas, such as courtyards and any other residential or business properties with limited space. Without impeding on access or aesthetic appearances, you can position the water tank against a wall or as a stand-alone structure.

Dimensions – 2400mm (l) x 1850m (h) x 260mm (w)

Excludes Delivery. Pick up can be arrange in Perth or Please contact us for a quote for delivery.


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